Leader – KD&D Investment Advisory 

High class management and investment advisory with 20 years of professional experience. Introduction of internaitonal investors into the Central and Eastern Europe: Tesco, Castorama, Glaxo Welcome, Pratt &Whitney, Toyota, LNM, Technicolour, Plaza Centers, governmental agencies, banks and ministries (EBRD, Citibank, PKO SA, Rheinhyp-BRE, Creditanstald  and others).  Value of  the developed investments over 2 billion PLN. 

Head Medical Consultant – SOLVE 

SOLVE is a consulting firm, established in 1992, with specialized services in the health and social services sectors. Solve provides a measureable contribution tohigh-quality and cost-effective services in health care and social services sectors. In cooperation with our customers, we create the basis for their longterm success.Broad-based experience as well as recognized professional and method competence form the foundation for innovative concepts and their practical implementation. 

Head Financier – Upper Finance 

Upper Finance has arranged 7 billion PLN over last 7 years reaching better financing conditions than offered by the banks. It is an independent company developing individual solutions for its clients. The company is mainly focusing on the medical market, investment market and local governments market. The company emploees only top professionals from the financial market, mainly from the members of top managers of major banks.

Head Lawyer – Miller & Canfield 

Miller Canfield has 150y of tradition with 20y of experience in Poland. Miller & Canfield provides comprehensive legal advice in numerous specialisation and economy sectors. The company specialises in legal advisory and services for investors.

Head Medical Engineer – Uniplan

Uniplan is a specialised medical engineering company heaving over 40y of experience in the technical medical planning and planning and optimisation of medical equipment packages. List of services comprise: acquisition, coordination and clearance of all demands, inventory and analysis of existing medical equipment, technical speciafications, tendering, supervision and coordination of all medical equipment projects duties creating tailor-made solutions fot clients.

Head Architect – BAAS 

Design Office BAAS continues the tradition of established in 1985, Architectural Design Office BPA. Over the years, many state institutions, governments, businesses and companies, housing associationsand individual investors have benefited from the services of the company. In recent years the office employed about 20 people, including 12 architects. The office is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Architectural Design and acts in accordance with its code of conduct.


Head Medical Equipment – Medical Consulting Group

The team consists of experienced advisors and consultants, with the knowledge and skills already utilized by many companies and public sector entities. MCG works with leading manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment in Poland and internationally, being able to offer wide range of cutting-edge medical technology.


Head Audit and Operational Management – Hpartner

Created in 2001, Hpartner is an active player in the health sector and advisory industry in Switzerland and abroad. Hpartner expertise on strategi planning, operational excellence, complex projects and change management allows to effectively support various customers like university clinics, hospitals, etc.


Head of EU Funding – EuCP (Europejskie Centrum Przedsiębiorczości) 

European Center for Enterprise is a consulting company, specializing in the identification of financing measures for companies, municipalities and non-governmental organizations with specific emphasis on the use of the EU financialresources. EuCP also takes part in training projects for entrepreneurs and companies. The company was founded in 2003 by Jerzy Kwieciński and Piotr Stefaniak.


Head Education & Business Planning – Kaiser & Associates

Founded by David Kaiser the company has developed resources to bring comprehensive “know how” in the development and operations of new medical initiatives to Central and Eastern Europe.  For over 30 years, Mr. Kaiser has developed and operated in the frame work of integrated health care delivery systems which included Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), consolidated medical group practices, hospital org. and marketing in the USA and Poland.


Head Medical Planning – Pro-Medicus

Health Care Design Office "PRO-MEDICUS" Ltd. - was established in 2004 by a group of designers with extensive experience on the healthcare facilities, reaching the 90s. Prome-Medicus is a multidisciplinary design office which accomplilshed over 100medical design projects. On the basis of Pro-Medicus design documentation a lot of medical projects has been completed.


Head IT Planning – Krammer Consulting

In 1990 KCC - Krammer Clinic Consulting GmbH was founded by Michael und Burgi Krammer. The company resulted from the idea to offer consulting services and industry-specific software “from practitioners for practitioners”. KCC is a referencecompany in the field of consulting and IT-problems in the health care sector. We acton the basis of “competence” and “flexibility”.